New Replacement Moldboards.

This Is The Answer To Your Grader Blade Needs. Our moldboard track record is great! We've been fabricating new replacement moldboards right here in our Kansas facility since 2005. Weller moldboards are installed on graders from coast to coast in the United States and we've also sent them to Canada, Mexico, Australia, South Korea, South Africa & Portugal. Listed below are the moldboards we currently fabricate.

Don't See The Blade You Need? Call 800-255-9325. Give us a call if you have a special need or want a moldboard for another make and/or model grader. Click HERE to download or print a Moldboard Reference Sheet listing all the moldboards we currently fabricate.

Need A Better Look? Click on the blue links in the list below for more photos of that moldboard.

Moldboards Available

12 ft Cat® p/n 2607792. Fits M Series
14 ft Cat® p/n 2607793. Fits M Series

12 ft Cat® p/n 8W2768. Fits 120G 140G 12G & H Series
14 ft Cat® p/n 8W2761. Fits 120G 140G 12G & H Series

12 ft Cat® p/n 1124520. Fits H Series
14 ft Cat® p/n 1124521. Fits H Series
16 ft Cat® p/n 1504249. Fits H Series

14 ft Cat® p/n 8W8089. Fits 14G
16 ft Cat® p/n 8W8094. Fits 14G

14 ft Cat® p/n 8W8091. Fits 16G & 16H
16 ft Cat® p/n 8W8095. Fits 16G
16 ft Cat® p/n 8W8088. Fits 16G Late & 16H

16 ft Cat® p/n 2534670. Fits 16M

18 ft Cat® p/n 1362545. Fits 16M & 18M

12 ft John Deere® p/n AU43724. Fits 570 A & B

12 ft John Deere® p/n AT168143. Fits 670/770 A & early B
14 ft John Deere® p/n AT168145. Fits 670/770 A & early B

12 ft John Deere® p/n AT169214. Fits 670 770 B C D
14 ft John Deere® p/n AT166751. Fits 670 770 B C D

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Why Build Custom Moldboards?

"We build stuff the OEM manufacturer doesn't. You know why? Because our customer asked us to. Above is an 18 foot moldboard for a John Deere 770G. John Deere makes a 16 foot, but nothing longer. Our customer wanted 18 feet, without adding an extension, so we accommodated him! Due to the length we added some support weldments like the large Cat blades. It makes this thing look like a beast! Need a special moldboard? We can help. We've built 10 foot blades for underground mining and for a city to blade alleys. We love making a customer's dreams come true, and if you're dreaming about moldboards, we have the ability to make those dreams reality." ~ Dave Weller