May 16 through May 18, 2002 - Hyatt Hotel - Wichita, KS



The River Festival will keep you busy but you may be looking for something else. Check out some of these Wichita attractions and information sites. 

Love To Fish? Guide to public fishing areas in Wichita area

Sedgwick County Zoo. This is one of the best zoos in the United States. Very scenic and lots of fun for children or adults. They have everything from flamingos to chimpanzees in natural settings and a wonderful gift shop.

Botanica. If flowers, gardens, or gardening are your thing, visit Botanica - Wichita's Gardens. In Botanica's Butterfly House you can stroll among hundreds of free-flight butterflies.

Exploration Place. Exploration place is fabulous! Three year olds could spend a whole day here and so could 55 year olds. You can build huge Lego structures or test your skills in a flight simulator. The wind wall is so amazing it's indescribable and miniature Kansas is truly fascinating. They also have an Imax theatre and an amazing gift shop. DON'T MISS THIS - YOU WILL THANK ME LATER!!!

The Wichita River Festival. You'll get your very own River Festival Button with your registration packet courtesy of the Used Parts Network Convention Sponsors. Don't forget to thank them... Last year, we enjoyed the lighted boat parade, a yo-yo contest, the arts & crafts festival and book sale, the parade, food court, laser show, and live music at noon - everything was casual, fun, and easy to get to. The River Festival is lots of fun, things to do, eat, and see, and, best of all, you can just walk out onto the hotel's balcony with your drink in hand to see much of it!

Convention & Visitors Bureau. Lots of good Wichita information.

Great Plains Nature Center. The director is one of the best wildlife photographers in the nation and the facility is really impressive. Worth a visit.

Laser Quest. Strap on your laser gun and get ready for a challenging battle. THIS IS FUN! We're arranging for private sessions for the Used Parts folks on Friday afternoon (we'll all hop on the bus and spend an hour or so commiting mayhem). Stay tuned for more information and keep your afternoon free!

Wichita Thunder Hockey. Slap shots and hat tricks.

Mosley Street Melodrama in Old Town. Boo. Hiss. Hoorah!

Mid-America Indian Center. A fascinating place dedicated to the Native American experience. River Festival should bring some neat activities to this facility.

Historical Museum. Located in the beautiful "old" City hall the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum is just a few blocks from the hotel and it has stunning exhibits from A Child's View to a complete Victorian cottage. The "Palace of the Plains" is worth a walk by even if you don't go in to the museum.

Wichita In Photos. Take a photographic tour of Wichita HERE. Photos range from very old to very recent and give you a real taste of Wichita. Miss Fran from Romper Room (a popular children's television show in the 1950's) and The Big Bun are there along with lots of other slices of Wichita life through the years.



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