Does Anyone Guarantee Used Parts?

Yes, We Do! Weller Tractor Salvage is committed to providing industrial equipment parts of the best possible quality, cleaned, inspected and shipped ready for use. If a part has what could be acceptable defects, we discuss those frankly with the customer. We try to minimize surprises when the parts are unpacked.

But try as we might, we sometimes send out a part that's not quite right or a defect slips by our inspection process or is undetectable. In that event, here are our guarantee guidelines.

Used Parts. Many used parts dealers offer no guarantees. WTS offers a 30 day guarantee (refund or replacement) on all used parts as a service to our customers.

Rebuilt Parts. We offer a 90 day guarantee (refund or replacement) on all rebuilt parts and components.

Rebuilt Transmissions. We offer a 6 month guarantee (refund or replacement).

New Moldboards. We offer a 6 month guarantee (refund or replacement) on our Weller-made moldboards.

New Parts. New parts from Weller have a 90 day guarantee or manufacturer's warranty, whichever is greater.

Outsourced Parts. Parts purchased from outside vendors will be guaranteed according to the vendor's warranty.

Returns. Any part which is not acceptable to the customer must be returned to Weller Tractor Salvage within 30 days of the sale.


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