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2006 Hoisington, KS Labor Day Celebration Demolition Derby

Weller's Cars & Drivers
Demolition Derby

Each year, the town of Hoisington, KS (located just a few miles north of Weller Tractor Salvage's home base in Great Bend, KS) puts on a great Labor Day Celebration. It's everything you'd expect in small town America ....... most beautiful baby contest, big parade, carnival, 5K race, flea market, city-wide garage sale, BBQ,  street dance, street movie, AND a mud-filled Sunday afternoon at the Demolition Derby.

For the past few years,Weller Tractor Salvage employees Chris Selle and Alva McHenry have customized and driven cars in the derby. This year, Weller Tractor Salvage head honcho Dave Weller decided to get in on the fun. All three drove in the derby along with Weller employee Kevin "Shorty" Hickel who drove an unpainted station wagon (Shorty characterized the wagon as "a total piece of crud" which is saying a lot considering the quality of cars in the derby!)

Enjoy the pictures, but remember that they can't really be appreciated without the soundtrack of revving engines and the special sound of metal whacking metal!

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Dave Weller's Car - Before




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