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Weller's Weekly Wisdom.
Edgy E-Mail
Weller's Weekly Wisdom is a weekly e-mail we send to customers, vendors, friends, family and unwitting visitors to our web site. We feature quotes, jokes and other silly stuff. Here are a few of the past year's helpings of Wisdom. Some are gold, some are gunk. Try a few and if you'd like to sign up for our e-mail list, click here, give us your e-mail address and we'll do the rest. Potential subscribers to Weller's Weekly Wisdom should be aware that weekly is a VERY loose description of Wisdom e-mail frequency. Long-time subscribers know that if we don't have anything interesting to say, we don't say anything --- sometimes for extended periods of time!!  (Rest assured that we would never sell or share your address with anyone else---our mail system is so complicated we'd never be able to figure out how to do that and we'd be really steamed if someone did it to us!)

American Statistics. Here are some statistics about Americans. We are a strange and wonderful people. 44% of men tailgate to speed up the person in front of them............

Answering Machine Messages. Speaking of phones, we know it's hard to find the perfect message for your answering machine/voice mail and we'd like to help......

Cosmic Whirl. The cosmos seems to be in an uproar. Everyone, everywhere is spinning around in the big cosmic washer/dryer combo. There's sure to be shrinkage.............

More Wisdom To Come!


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