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Weller Tractor Salvage sells new, used and rebuilt parts for heavy equipment (such as Caterpillar, Huber, Wabco, John Deere, Allis Chalmers, Champion, Galion). WELLER TIMES is our company newsletter. We send it out about twice a year and feature articles about the heavy equipment parts industry and whatever else strikes our fancy. We've included a few articles here for your enjoyment and we add new articles often.

CRACKS! The method we use most for crack detection is called "dry-flux" or Magna Flux. This method uses an electromagnet...

Are Serial #'s Important? If you need a part there is simply no better way to get the right one than having a correct serial number...

Mom Knows Best.Customer service really counts in the salvage business. Here are just a few things we learned from Mom about customer service...

Guaranteed. Weller Tractor Salvage is committed to providing industrial equipment parts of the best possible quality, cleaned, inspected and shipped ready for use. Here are our guarantee guidelines...

Ralph Weller - Founder of Weller Tractor SalvageWeller Tales

The newsletter features a series of stories about company founder, Ralph Weller. Ralph was born in 1916 and he was our guiding light until his death in August of 2004. Ralph started in this business with just a "lick and a promise" and we're very proud of what he accomplished. Read about Ralph's freight hopping, poker playing, D8 skinning past. Ralph's an American original. Enjoy his stories.

It's All In The Family. When Ralph Weller started in the industrial equipment business in 1960, the most important thing he had to sell was himself...

Northern Exposure. By June of 1943, he'd traveled three times to Leavenworth, KS, by train with thousands of other draftees...

California Dreaming. It was a happy day for the Weller family when Ralph graduated from Paradise High School in 1934. He was a football hero....

Dreaming of Kansas. Back in Hays, Kansas, the young men who dared Ralph to ride the rails to Los Angeles begin to realize he is not going to show up ready for breakfast and another poker game....

Shooting the Gyps. Ready for something more challenging than farming, Ralph joined a consruction crew building a highway and bridge just north of Paradise, KS, in the spring of 1937.

We Took Out For Colorado. Eight year old Ralph and his family head for Colorado, where they experience life on the prairie.


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