Serial Numbers

Are They Important?

Well, this is a "G" rated publication, but we would still have to say, " Hell, yes!"

If you need a part there is simply no better way to get the right one than having a correct serial number and part number for the machine you are working on. Because let's face it---everyone is happier if the part fits right and does the job the first time.

"But," you say, "that little silver tag is missing. It must be impossible to find the machine's serial number." Harder---but not impossible. Many times, the serial number is stamped in

the metal underneath the tag---look where the tag was. No luck? There is almost always an ID stamp somewhere on the frame of the machine and many times there are casting numbers stamped on the parts that will assist in identifying them.

OK. You gave it your best shot and you really need that part. CALL US. One of our parts specialists can help you find the serial number, get the right part located and get you back on track.

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